What is All Star Parent?

All Star Parent was founded by parents just like you because as parents, we have struggled to find, organize, and consume useful content about parenting. There is an abundance of information, scattered across a multitude of platforms. With so much information circulating, it’s virtually impossible for us to keep up to date with every topic that interest us and to find specific knowledge we need in a timely and efficient manner.

You want all the best quality parenting sources and advice all in one place, but there is a lot of noise. You are a busy parent, and you are strapped for time. You want the right parenting information, right away. With your needs in mind, our purpose is to save you precious time by providing you with the parenting content you want, all in one place.

We collect, organize, create, and present valuable information for you along your parenting journey. We do this by designing our content to be easy to digest, which enables you to learn this information much more efficiently. Imagine getting the best parenting insights from an hour-long podcast in just 5 minutes, on demand.

What is The Catch-Up by All Star Parent?

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We will email you with short reads of around 5 min on all things parenting. We will cover topics such as:

  • Pregnancy, birth, and infants

  • Children’s physical, mental and emotional health

  • Children’s development

  • Motherhood and fatherhood

  • Toddlers, teens and in-between

  • And many more!

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Collecting, organizing, summarizing & presenting useful parenting information.